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Dear colleagues of the EFSM,

I am happy and honoured to invite you to Milan for the 16th Congress of the European Federation of Societies for Microsurgery, which will be held on May 9th to 11th 2024, and will have a rich program with all the novelties in our reconstructive world.

More than 30 years ago, the EFSM was founded and in 1992 the first Congress of our federation was held in Rome, organized by Professors Alain Gilbert and Giorgio Brunelli.

Thirty year later Italy represents once again the home of reconstructive microsurgery, hosting our Congress with an increased and more powerful Federation.

Milan, located in northern Italy, the capital of fashion and productivity, will be able to host our Congress very well, offering you all the hospitality you deserve.

The motto of the Congress is “Rome 1992 – Milan 2024 : more than 30 years of reconstructive microsurgery”.

It will allow us to explore all the innovations that are growing in our microworld: not only the classical topics of reconstructive surgery of head and neck, limbs, hand, trunk, and breast, but the congress will also address innovative microsurgery techniques for lymphatics, supermicrosurgery, tissue prefabrication and use of microvascularised grafts from cadaver.

Special emphasis will be placed on interactive discussion among experts on topical issues; a special part will be kept for the selection of the best cases and worst cases and complications.

I hope the conference will have a large attendance, the Scientific Committee will draw up a top level programme making the event dynamic, interactive and international by involving the main groups of reconstructive microsurgeons not only in Europe, but in the whole world.

EFSM has always been an important occasion to meet and exchange opinions and techniques, as well as a great opportunity to meet the most renowned experts of microsurgery and all friends from different countries and continents.

I look forward to seeing you in Milan.

Pierluigi Tos